2012 Analytical Sciences  
at Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd., and has been as the present position since 1994. His main work is the investigation and development of chemical state analysis using atomic inner-shell phenomena, such as X-ray emission or X-ray photo-emission spectroscopy, aided by linear data-processing techniques. His current research interest is the investigation of spectral changes of XPS, Auger spectra and characteristic X-ray spectra by means of the cluster calculations. He enjoys dog sports (Frisbee dog) and
more » ... ing traces of forest or mining railways. with personnel relocation he moved to the Faculty of Engineering and since then until today, he has been on this faculty. During this period, he received a Doctor degree from Kyushu University (1993) and stayed at the laboratory of Prof. Edmond F. Bowden, Department of Chemistry, North Carolina State University as a visiting research scholar, 1995 -1996. Currently, his scientific interest is focused on DNA nanobio-technology with a central focus on single-molecule measurements and molecular-chemical device developments.
doi:10.2116/analsci.28.535 fatcat:zyjvtklls5ht5dts3e6ubow5mq