Improving Corrosion Resistance of Mg10Gd Alloy

Maria Del Rosario Silva Campos, Nico Scharnagl, Carsten Blawert, Karl Ulrich Kainer
2013 Materials Science Forum  
In a screening test, typical traditional alloying elements for magnesium (Al, Mn, Zn, Y) were added to Mg10Gd alloy to study their influence on its corrosion resistance. The Mg10Gd1Mn alloy was identified as the most promising ternary alloy system. While addition of Gd alone disturbs the passive film formation the presence of Mn is beneficial for recovery of the passivity. Performance of the Mg10Gd1Mn alloys is comparable to high purity Mg.
doi:10.4028/ fatcat:f6whvwu4enhy3hcydtficyqswq