Struktur Makroskopis dan Mikroskopis Fosil Kayu Asal Desa Bangun Rejo, Kabupaten Kutai Kartanegara

Mia Maulida, Nani Husien, Agus Sulistyo Budi
2022 ULIN: Jurnal Hutan Tropis  
Observation of the macroscopic structure included color, hardness and density, while microscopic observations were carried out through three sections, namely the Transverse, Tangential, and Radial sections, using Stereo Microscope NIKON SMZ 645 and Research Microscope Eclipse E400 (equipped with a Nikon camera). The counted cells were: Pores (diameter, height, number), Rays (height, width, number), and the percentage of cells. The hardness value was calculated by using a rock hardness tester,
more » ... mely 'Diamond Selector II'. Meanwhile, specific gravity was calculated by using general calculation standard for specific gravity, namely the ratio of mass to volume. The results showed that microscopically the two samples of wood fossils found were hardwood fossils (broad leaf wood) whose species was not yet known, with the characteristics of mostly solitary pores, uniseriate rays with heterogeneous arrangement. Meanwhile, the macroscopic observations of wood fossils FKM1 showed dark brown, light brown and a mixture of red. The second FKM2 showed light brown, yellow and dark brown colors. The hardness both was 4 on the Mohs scale, while the density were 3.25 and 3.04, respectively.
doi:10.32522/ujht.v6i1.6195 fatcat:jz7k76l5tvegzo6aldl4vbwcxi