Sự tồn tại nghiệm của bài toán cân bằng véctơ dựa vào nguyên lý biến phân Ekeland

Đinh Ngọc Quý, Phạm Hải Đăng, Đỗ Hồng Diễm
2018 Can Tho University Journal of Science  
In this paper, the aim is to provide a vector version of Ekeland's theorem related to equilibrium problems when dealing with bifunctions defined on complete metric spaces and with values in Hausdorff locally convex spaces ordered by closed convex pointed cones. To prove this principle, a weak notion of continuity of a vector-valued function is considered, and some of its properties are presented. Via the vector Ekelands principle, some existence theorems on solutions for vector equilibria are proved in compact domains.
doi:10.22144/ctu.jvn.2018.037 fatcat:dqtkefjuafbpbhx3mq7la6lfci