"Reinventing the Wheel": A Novel Approach to Music Player Interfaces

T. Pohle, P. Knees, M. Schedl, E. Pampalk, G. Widmer
2007 IEEE transactions on multimedia  
We present a novel interface to (portable) music players that benefits from intelligently structured collections of audio files. For structuring, we calculate similarities between every pair of songs and model a travelling salesman problem (TSP) that is solved to obtain a playlist (i.e., the track ordering during playback) where the average distance between consecutive pieces of music is minimal according to the similarity measure. The similarities are determined using both audio signal
more » ... of the music tracks and web-based artist profile comparison. Indeed, we will show how to enhance the quality of the well-established methods based on audio signal processing with features derived from web pages of music artists. Using a TSP allows for creating circular playlists that can be easily browsed with a wheel as input device. We investigate the usefulness of four different TSP algorithms for this purpose. For evaluating the quality of the generated playlists, we apply a number of quality measures to two real-world music collections. It turns out that the proposed combination of audio and text-based similarity yields better results than the initial approach based on audio data only. We implemented an audio player as Java applet to demonstrate the benefits of our approach. Furthermore, we present the results of a small user study conducted to evaluate the quality of the generated playlists.
doi:10.1109/tmm.2006.887991 fatcat:nntujkfiirhltavsltmavxj7ia