High Throughput Redundant Binary Technique for Partial Product Generation

P Nathiya, S Padmapriya
2017 International Journal of Advanced Research in Science, Engineering and Technology   unpublished
High modularity and carry-free addition can be used by the Redundant Binary (RB) method. In conventional method an additional error correcting word (ECW) is generated in RB multiplier. it requires in both RB multiplier and radix-4 (MBE) modified booth encoding. The number of accumulation stages are increases, in order to reduce the number of stages proposed (RBMPPG) redundant binary modified partial product generation method can be introduced. An extra Error Correcting Word (ECW) is removed and
more » ... saves a one accumulation stages. The proposed RBMPPG generates fewer partial product rows than conventional RB MBE multiplier. The proposed RB MBE method simulation results shows significantly improves the area and delay for the word length of each operand in the multiplier is at least 8bits. Compared with existing RB multiplier the proposed (RBMPPG) reduces the area delay product up to 50 percent compared with existing RB multipliers.