Anisotropic polarization memory in thermally oxidized porous silicon

Hideki Koyama, Philippe M. Fauchet
2000 Applied Physics Letters  
Visible photoluminescence ͑PL͒ from thermally oxidized porous silicon ͑PSi͒ has been investigated in terms of polarization memory ͑PM͒. The PSi samples were prepared by anodization of (100)p ϩ -Si wafers in a HF/ethanol solution, followed by thermal oxidation at 700-1000°C. These oxidized PSi samples show significantly anisotropic PM which depends largely on the polarization direction of the excitation light with respect to their crystallographic axes. In addition, the anisotropic PM from
more » ... s oxidized at 800 and 900°C shows an anomalous emission-energy dependence. It is also observed that thermal oxidation at 1000°C results in a significant decrease in the degree of PM, although it increases with increasing oxidation temperatures for р900°C. These experimental results suggest that the PL from oxidized PSi cannot be explained as a simple extension of the PL from as-anodized PSi and should be attributed to several different origins.
doi:10.1063/1.1316068 fatcat:wkem5xsufzfzzhjixnekhwb6pe