Leonardo's Representational Technique for Centrally-Planned Temples [chapter]

João Pedro Xavier
Nexus Network Journal  
Leonardo invented a new technique of representation which combines the building plan and a bird's-eye perspective of the whole into a single system. Bird's eye perspective may have developed out of cavalier perspective, and instances pre-dating Leonardo can be found, but not used in the same way as he employed it. Though not pre-axonometric, Leonardo took advantage of axonometric representation's capacity to construct/deconstruct an object into its component parts in order to clarify fitting
more » ... clarify fitting and functioning. This paper investigates the originality of the technique and special relationship with his research on centrally-planned churches, while examining it in the context of contemporary developments and architects.
doi:10.1007/978-3-7643-8728-0_7 fatcat:2vz6fo3ntbh7bg6ifzxbkfl3y4