Microfluidic liquid cell chamber for scanning probe microscopy measurement application

Hokyun Chin, Jurriaan J. J. Gillissen, Eijiro Miyako, Nam-Joon Cho
2019 Review of Scientific Instruments  
In this paper, we present a universal microfluidic liquid chamber device platform for atomic force microscopy (AFM), which enables to fabricate the uniform lipid bilayer on the hydrophilic surface using the solvent-assisted lipid bilayer formation method. Using this device enables us to acquire the various properties of delicate soft matter, including morphological data, and mechanical property measurements, using high-resolution AFM systems. The proposed technology is expected to provide an
more » ... ed to provide an understanding of complicated biological materials. Published under license by AIP Publishing. https://doi.Published under license by AIP Publishing FIG. 2. Comparison of AFM images of the bare glass substrate in liquid condition (a) and the bilayer with different concentrations of cholesterol [(b) pure DOPC lipid bilayer, (c) 20% of cholesterol, and (d) 40% of cholesterol]. (e) f-d curve on the bare glass substrate, (f) on the pure DOPC bilayer, (g) with 20% of cholesterol, and (h) with 40% of cholesterol. The bilayer formation was performed via SALB method. From the images, the domain area has increased as the cholesterol concentration is higher (0%, 20%, and 40%). Rev. Sci. Instrum. 90, 046105 (2019);
doi:10.1063/1.5086063 fatcat:632ook4wfff7nikschxb5fzhke