Synthesising Interprocedural Bit-Precise Termination Proofs (extended version) [article]

Hong-Yi Chen, Cristina David, Daniel Kroening, Peter Schrammel, Björn Wachter
2015 arXiv   pre-print
Proving program termination is key to guaranteeing absence of undesirable behaviour, such as hanging programs and even security vulnerabilities such as denial-of-service attacks. To make termination checks scale to large systems, interprocedural termination analysis seems essential, which is a largely unexplored area of research in termination analysis, where most effort has focussed on difficult single-procedure problems. We present a modular termination analysis for C programs using
more » ... ased interprocedural summarisation. Our analysis combines a context-sensitive, over-approximating forward analysis with the inference of under-approximating preconditions for termination. Bit-precise termination arguments are synthesised over lexicographic linear ranking function templates. Our experimental results show that our tool 2LS outperforms state-of-the-art alternatives, and demonstrate the clear advantage of interprocedural reasoning over monolithic analysis in terms of efficiency, while retaining comparable precision.
arXiv:1505.04581v1 fatcat:4e6whaznabc5dimy5bhf4e2dre