Stacked-origami mechanical metamaterial with tailored multistage stiffness [post]

Guilin Wen, Gaoxi Chen, Kai Long, Xuan Wang, Jie Liu, Yi Min Xie
2021 unpublished
Origami-baed metamaterial has shown remarkable mechanical properties rarely found in natural materials, but achieving tailored multistage stiffness is still a challenge. This study proposes a novel zigzag-base stacked-origami (ZBSO) metamaterial with tailored multistage stiffness property based on crease customization and stacking strategies. A high precision finite element (FE) model to identify the stiffness characteristics of the ZBSO metamaterial has been established, and its accuracy is
more » ... idated by quasi-static compression experiments. Using the verified FE model, we demonstrate that the multistage stiffness of the ZBSO metamaterial can be effectively tailored through two manners, i.e. varying the microstructures (through introducing new creases to the classical Miura origami unit cell) and altering the stacking way. Three strategies are utilized to vary the microstructure, i.e. adding new creases to the right, left, or both sides of the unit cell. We further reveal that the proposed ZBSO metamaterial has several outstanding advantages compared with traditional mechanical metamaterials, e.g. material independent, scale-invariant, lightweight, and excellent energy absorption capacity. The unravelled superior mechanical properties of the ZBSO metamaterials pave the way for the design of the next-generation cellular metamaterials with tailored stiffness properties.
doi:10.21203/ fatcat:7ehxhapc4zav3iho2ropsdszou