R Virendra, B Sudheer, Prem Kumar, J Suresh Babu, D Rajani Kant
International Research Journal of Engineering and Technology   unpublished
A Cement plant is an energy intensive industry both in terms of thermal and electrical energy and more than 40% of production cost is accounted for by the cost of energy. With intense competition in the market place on price, energy conservation offers itself as a low cost option to cut costs and create a market edge. Every effort in bringing down the thermal as well as electrical energy use would impact directly on the profitability of the company. The energy audit and conservation project was
more » ... rvation project was carried out in the cement plant to assess the performance of its various subsections and utilities such as pyro-processes, fans, compressors for Cement Manufacturing. This project work also strives to identify potential avenues for energy and cost savings. The plant mainly relies on its 12 MW captive power plant (CPP) to meet its electricity requirements. This project brings out in a holistic and simple fassion, the broad frame work and methodology required to be followed to conduct an energy audit and conservation study in a typical cement plant. PROBLEM STATEMENT Energy audit and conservation in a cement plant, involves pains taking task with enormous amount of duty parameters that need to be monitored measured and analyzed in a systematic manner to bring to maximum possible energy conservation options. This project has attempted to address the potential energy conservation options which has a major impact on reduction of energy consumption and energy cost savings in a cement plant and with an objective to provide a frame work for instituting an energy audit in a cement plant along with evaluation methods and analysis to bring out meaningful and substantial energy conservation options, in a easy to implement manner. This project work would serve as a reference guide to any practicing engineer to conduct with ease an energy audit, in a facility as complex as cement plant, in a professional manner.