Single fetal demise in multiple pregnancy

A. A. Kuznetsov, A. N. Romanovsky, A. V. Shlykova, T. A. Kashtanova, V. V. Shman, I. V. Kyanksep, V. E. Movchan, N. E. Derzhavina, A. A. Savel'eva, F. A. Ovsyannikov, A. V. Mikhailov
2019 Translational Medicine  
Single intrauterine fetal demise (sIUFD) in multiple pregnancy occurs with frequency from 3.7 up to 6.8 % and is associated with an risk of premature birth, death of cotwin and high morbidity and mortality rates in newborns. The time of sIUFD and type of twin gestation would determine perinatal outcomes. The rate of prenatal death of the co-twin is different and depend on the type of multiple pregnancy, accounting 4 % for dichorionic and 12 % in monochorionic pregnancies. However, the
more » ... ever, the correlation between the type of chorionicity, delivery time and the frequency of preterm delivery is not clearly established. The risk of neurological complications in newborns after sIUFD fluctuate significantly in case of the type of chorionicity and could achieve 18 % in monochorionic twins and only 1 % in dichorionic twins. The paper was discussed the main reasons for sIUFD in multiple pregnancy, rather pathophysiological aspects of perinatal morbidity and mortality for cotwin was also discussed. The management of complications, methods of their correction, optimal methods and time of delivery in case of sIUDF in multiple pregnancies was presented.
doi:10.18705/2311-4495-2019-6-5- fatcat:ab6n7nlvibcajc2dfrzdhljf4m