Research on 3D Modeling Method of Cobblestone Road Based on Geometric Characteristics

Jinhua Han, Ke Feng, Huanliang Li, Hongxin Cui, Jing Chen
2018 Mathematical Problems in Engineering  
Based on the analysis of the geometric characteristics, distribution characteristics, and constraints of the cobblestone road, a three-dimensional (3D) parametric road modeling method based on geometric characteristics is proposed. The cobblestone model is established by the exponential oval equation, and the cobblestones distribution is determined by Monte Carlo stochastic search method. Then the 3D theoretical model of cobblestone road is obtained. To veritably simulate the cobblestone road,
more » ... generated 3D random road is fusing with the 3D cobblestone road model by alternating values, and the comparison between the real and modeling cobblestone roads is done in space domain and PSD curves. Then based on the establishment of the standard vehicle vibration model, the influences of the key geometric parameters of the cobblestone road on the vehicle vibration are analyzed by using the evaluation indices of the IRI and the RMS of the vehicle body acceleration. The proposed method can be extended to the 3D modeling of almost all strengthened test roads such as Belgian road, fish-scale pits road, ripple tracks, and washboard road and provides a 3D road modeling method with adjustable parameters, authenticity, and accuracy for the comprehensive construction of vehicle virtual test field.
doi:10.1155/2018/7246503 fatcat:gfwafqrymbgr3ozjpy6pxhcsfe