Surveys and other Preliminaries to Railway Construction in New South Wales

C O Burge
1898 Minutes of the Proceedings of the Institution of Civil Engineers  
THE railway system of New South Wales, which is worked by the Government, now comprises a length of 2,576 miles, on the standard gauge of 4 feet 84 inches ; a private line of 45 miles on the Victorian gauge of 5 feet 3 inches, forming an isolated extension of the Victorian railway system into New South Wales, and a t present unconnected with her lines, constituting an immaterial exception. For the last S years, the construction has been controlled by the Department of Public Works under the
more » ... ster for Works, who, in consequence of the policy of practically all public works being undertaken by the Government, is one of the leading members of the Cabinet ; and the working and maintenance are carried on by three railway commissioners, holding office for 7 years, to whom the lines, when finished, are handed over. The following has been, for some years past, the procedure antecedent to the construction of a railway in New South Wales. Application is made, generally through petition or deputation, by a local railway or progress league, representing the community requiring the line, to the lVIinister for Works, who, if concurring as far as investigation is concerned, instructs the engineer-in-chief to have the country examined and reported upon. On this report, if fairly favourable, a trial survey and plans are made, and are followed by an estimate. A report by the railway commissioners is also callcd for as t o the prospects of the line from their standpoint, it being remembered that, in the case of railways projected by governments, as distinguished from those undertaken by private enterprise, two considerations have to be kept in view, namely: (I) the development of the country as t o resources and population, the increase in the latter diminishing in a large degree the relative cost of its government; the increased value of unsold crown lands ; the gain resulting from the difference between the Downloaded by [ Purdue Univ Lib TSS] on [17/09/16].
doi:10.1680/imotp.1898.19180 fatcat:roeeka4qc5axzhod4fvtuvrfvi