Intra-individual and intra-species heterogeneity in nuclear rDNA ITS region of Vigna species from subgenus Ceratotropis

2008 Genetics Research  
The extent of intra-individual and intra-species heterogeneity in the nuclear rDNA internal transcribed spacer (ITS) was investigated among the 'Asiatic Vigna ' species (subgenus Ceratotropis). High intra-and inter-individual ITS polymorphism was observed among Vigna radiata accessions, where multiple ITS length variants ranging from y700 to y770 bp were detected on PCR amplification. Subsequent analysis revealed that the variants are 'heteroduplex ITS fragments ' generated during the PCR
more » ... s. Analysis of ITS from wild and cultivated forms of ten Vigna species from subgenus Ceratotropis revealed substantial intra-species divergence in four species : Vigna umbellata, Vigna trilobata, V. radiata and Vigna minima. However, no other species analysed showed intra-individual ITS heterogeneity as observed in V. radiata. The results demonstrate differential evolution of ITS sequence among wild and cultivated forms of V. radiata. Evidence indicates that intra-species hybridization and a slow 'molecular drive ' are responsible for this phenomenon. Sequence analysis of 5 . 8S, ITS1 and ITS2 and secondary-structure analysis of ITS regions indicate that the ITS variants do not belong to pseudogenic rDNA repeat units. Further, reverse transcriptase-PCR (RT-PCR) analysis showed that rDNA repeat units harbouring certain intra-individual ITS variants were transcriptionally inactive, indicating the regulation of these loci by epigenetic gene silencing. The V. radiata ITS variants, when analysed together, did not cause any phylogenetic errors at the species level.
doi:10.1017/s001667230800983x pmid:18840305 fatcat:yvxa4xnxtrhodg2yithf4knqye