Window taper functions for subaperture processing [report]

Armin Walter Doerry
2013 unpublished
It is well known that the spectrum of a signal can be calculated with a Discrete Fourier Transform (DFT), where best resolution is achieved by processing the entire data set. However, in some situations it is advantageous to use a staged approach, where data is first processed within subapertures, and the results are then combined and further processed to a final result. An artifact of this approach is the creation of grating lobes in the final response. The nature of the grating lobes,
more » ... ting lobes, including their amplitude and spacing, is an artifact of window taper functions, subaperture offsets, and subaperture processing parameters. We assess these factors and exemplify their effects.
doi:10.2172/1121978 fatcat:pfiu5fovzjauzcxl5ilm3qdr5u