Nurse Practitioners' Perception on Research Utilization and Possible Barriers; A Saudi Arabian Experiential Perspective during Covid-19 Pandemic

2022 International journal of nursing and health care research  
Research utilization in any professional practice, just like in the nursing profession, is an important component needed by practitioners to be able to incorporate into practice current innovations and best practices as such provided by Evidence-Based Practice (EBP). Most especially so during the current predicament when the world is plunged into a pandemic situation. Aim: The goal of this research endeavor is to know nurse practitioners' perception in the utilization of research in individual
more » ... ractice and possible barriers that prevent its application in a Saudi Arabia context during the Covid-19 Pandemic period. Method: Through a survey research design done on-line, about 303 nurses from different departments participated who were all working currently in one of largest government Medical Cities in Riyadh. Descriptive statistics were used including tests of association and significant differences. Results: Results showed the following basic demographic features: female-dominated aged 31-40 years old, mostly married and non-Saudi. Respondents extended the same level of moderate research utilization, and acknowledging barriers in the same. Additionally, there seemed to have statistical associations found between research barriers concept and in the following demographic characteristics: sex (p=.001), nationality (p=.001), education (p=.05), and years of experience (p=.05). Statistically significant differences in responses were found in the following when computed bivariate on research utilization: nationality (.05), and area of assignment (.05). While there were also more significant differences in responses found on research barriers; sex (p=.001), nationality (p=.001), education (p=.05), and professional role (p=.05). Conclusion: The experience of research utilization found in this Saudi Arabia medical institution was characterized by moderate level utilization with same level of recognized research barriers even during this current pandemic situation. This can imply an acceptable level of research utilization among nurse practitioners with existing comparable barriers that could become for them areas of possible improvement and a venue to improvement on especially during Pandemic situation where innovations happen and much needed in the practice.
doi:10.29011/2688-9501.101326 fatcat:a6yirrhmrrb2hnwjzttd4n6lsq