Solar Powered Intelligent Street Light Monitoring System

N Balaji
The use of single power solar system in generation of electricity for streetlights nowadays is widely used. Generally, many of this kind of streetlight are using one solar panel system to power its lamp. The problem that can arise for this kind of streetlight is how to control and guarantee the optimal system. The proposed system can optimize management and efficiency of street lighting systems. It enable more efficient street lamp-system management, by automatic ON and OFF during evening and
more » ... rning times respectively. The information is transferred point by point using Zig Bee transmitters and receivers and is sent to a control terminal to check the state of the street lamps. The data is updated in PC. The proposed method which extends the existing smart energy infrastructure with the possibility to detect a human presence and change the light intensity. It also provides protection over the theft of PV panels. To evaluate operations of proposed system, they have been modeled and simulated in PROTEUS.