Regge calculus models of closed lattice universes

Rex G. Liu, Ruth M. Williams
2016 Physical Review D  
This paper examines the behaviour of closed 'lattice universes' wherein masses are distributed in a regular lattice on the Cauchy surfaces of closed vacuum universes. Such universes are approximated using a form of Regge calculus originally developed by Collins and Williams to model closed FLRW universes. We consider two types of lattice universes, one where all masses are identical to each other and another where one mass gets perturbed in magnitude. In the unperturbed universe, we consider
more » ... possible arrangements of the masses in the Regge Cauchy surfaces and demonstrate that the model will only be stable if each mass lies within some spherical region of convergence. We also briefly discuss the existence of Regge models that are dual to the ones we have considered. We then model a perturbed lattice universe and demonstrate that the model's evolution is well-behaved, with the expansion increasing in magnitude as the perturbation is increased.
doi:10.1103/physrevd.93.023502 fatcat:mccdif7ukvfhdcsmyt6aordx4a