Conceptual Framework and Applicability of National Security: A Case Study of Pakistan

Tayyaba Muzammal, Prof. Dr. Muqarrab Akbar
2020 Research Journal of Social Sciences & Economics Review (RJSSER)  
The first and foremost essential task for any state is to secure its national security and integrity. This paper explores the fundamental essentials of national security such as territorial integrity, internal and external sovereignty, socio-political stability, economic solidity, cultural cohesiveness, and national solidarity. The objectives of this research work are to investigate the significance and applicability of national security for any state. This research is based on content
more » ... This case study of Pakistan is selected to investigate the essential elements, internal and external elements of security in Pakistan in the light of the framework of security at the global level. The current study indicated that the notion of National Security had reformed in the 21st century. Now National Security interpretation will be elaborated from different threats such as territorial security, sovereignty, and economic, social, political, and environmental security. The research explores that contrary to external threats, Pakistan is facing internal threats such as political contradictions, ethnic origins, sectarianism, and militant organizations that also troubled the security situation.
doi:10.36902/rjsser-vol1-iss3-2020(314-323) fatcat:ncb5l5gcjncqneu22iscja7jiu