The Research and Application of New Horizontal Well for Offshore Oilfield Thin Reservoir Based on Pseudo Steady State Time

Zhanhua Zhang, Liu, Xue, Zhang, Jianmin, Wu, Chunxin, Jiang Cong, Z Zhang, X Liu, J Wu, & Jiang
2016 Advances in Petroleum Exploration and Development   unpublished
Fluids rate forecast of horizontal well are particularly important as horizontal well technology is widely used in bohai oilfield. According to the sector planning, horizontal well productivity is two to five times as much as directional well, combined with drawdown pressure, reservoir thickness and permeability to determine the horizontal well productivity. But this method lack of theoretical basis and need reservoir personnel has rich experience at the same time the compute number is the
more » ... number is the fixed value that can't reflect time dependent process of horizontal well productivity. In this paper a new mathematical model is constructed and introduced investigation radius. Based on these a new equation is derived. This theory can provide valuable for horizontal well productivity during a period of time, at the same time it can judgment whether the reservoir existing skin through production performance.. (2016). The research and application of new horizontal well for offshore oilfield thin reservoir based on pseudo steady state time.