Ase: A Toponym and/or Personal Name (Notes on Medieval Nubian Toponymy 3)

Adam Łajtar, Grzegorz Ochała
2017 Dotawo. A Journal of Nubian Studies  
Scholars studying textual heritage of Christian Nubia frequently found themselves in impossibility to decide whether a proper name occurring in a text is a personal name or a place name. Reasons for that lie in the very nature of Old Nubian (and Nubian Greek standing under a strong influence of the epichoric language), which is still rather unclear in this respect. An additional factor is our poor knowledge of various aspects of culture of the Middle Nile Valley in Christian times, including
more » ... hroponomastics and toponomastics. The present paper, devoted to the proper name Ase (ⲁⲥⲉ), is a good illustration of these problems. As far as we are aware the proper name Ase has been attested eight times so far. Below we present all these attestations going from north to south.
doi:10.5070/d64110048 fatcat:hkjphkqkwfdmlcbcpmbpd67lii