Impact of animal and management factors on collagen characteristics in beef: a meta-analysis approach

M. Blanco, C. Jurie, D. Micol, J. Agabriel, B. Picard, F. Garcia-Launay
2013 Animal  
The aim of this paper was to identify pre-slaughter factors that modify total and insoluble collagen contents in bovine muscle to construct a model of collagen dynamics. The meta-analyses were performed with primary data of total (n= 1165) and insoluble (n= 1145) collagen contents from INRA experiments obtained from different muscles in young bulls, cows and steers. According to both the bibliography and meta-analyses, total collagen content and solubility were greatly affected by the muscle
more » ... pe). Moreover, the pattern of the evolution of collagen characteristics was similar amongLongissimus,SemitendinosusandTriceps brachiimuscles in young bulls. In cows, collagen contents in theTriceps brachiimuscle had delayed dynamics compared with the other muscles. Collagen characteristics differed among breeds because of variation in the maturity of the breed. Similarly, according to the meta-analyses, total and insoluble collagen content evolutions with the degree of maturity (DOM; proportion of adult weight reached at slaughter) were different in dairy and rustic breeds from those of beef breeds, especially in bulls. Although the relationships between collagen content and DOM were quantified in different muscles and sexes, the precision of the fitted equations was not sufficient for prediction. Consequently, relying on the hypotheses raised by the meta-analysis and the literature, an approach to further develop a dynamic mechanistic model of soluble and insoluble collagen content is proposed.
doi:10.1017/s1751731113000177 pmid:23438472 fatcat:6mgevbrx2fatpd3tjj2cwdyx5e