A survey on knowledge graph-based recommender systems

Fuzhen ZHUANG, Hui XIONG, Qi ZHANG, Qingyu GUO, Chuan QIN, Chao WANG, Hengshu ZHU, Le ZHANG, Enhong CHEN
2020 Scientia Sinica Informationis  
To solve the information explosion problem and enhance user experience in various online applications, recommender systems have been developed to model users' preferences. Although numerous efforts have been made toward more personalized recommendations, recommender systems still suffer from several challenges, such as data sparsity and cold-start problems. In recent years, generating recommendations with the knowledge graph as side information has attracted considerable interest. Such an
more » ... ch can not only alleviate the above mentioned issues for a more accurate recommendation, but also provide explanations for recommended items. In this paper, we conduct a systematical survey of knowledge graph-based recommender systems. We collect recently published papers in this field, and group them into three categories, i.e., embedding-based methods, connection-based methods, and propagation-based methods. Also, we further subdivide each category according to the characteristics of these approaches. Moreover, we investigate the proposed algorithms by focusing on how the papers utilize the knowledge graph for accurate and explainable recommendation. Finally, we propose several potential research directions in this field.
doi:10.1360/ssi-2019-0274 fatcat:gw5u427ahfdnhdefiv724ns5hy