Investigation of the feasibility of a dual mode electric transportation system [report]

J.G. Bolger, F.A. Kirsten
1977 unpublished
I n i s report was prepared as an account of work rponwred by the United Stater Covernment. Neither the Ibitcd States nor the Unlled Slates Energy I Research and Lkvelopmenl Administration. nor any of thelr employees, nor any of their contractors. rubcontractors or their employees. makes any u'dmanly, ex&s or impbed. or assumes any legd hbibly or reiponribibty for the accuracy, completenes or useiulnes of any Information, apparatus, product or process disclosed, 01 reprerents that 115 use would not lnfringe privately o w e d riehtl.
doi:10.2172/7211523 fatcat:mlnpv7k55jfvhb3wk3sffbz2za