A Comparative Study of Transverse Cylindrical Projection Functions by A Series of Numerical Simulations
수치시험을 통한 횡원통 상사 투영함수 비교 연구

Hungkyu Lee, Wansoo Seo
2013 Journal of the Korean Society of Surveying Geodesy Photogrammetry and Cartography  
The transverse cylindrical projection has been used in Korea since 1910s when the nationwide geodetic network was firstly established. However, the projection has a number of different types of functions according to a way of its mathematical derivation as well as a section of its coefficients and terms, for instance Gauss-Schreiber(GS) and Gauss-Krüger(GK) types. Although the transverse cylindrical projection itself is assigned to a system, projected coordinates would be diverse with respect
more » ... erse with respect to the function used in the actual calculation. In order to investigate impact of functions used in the computation, five different equations (i.e., 2 GS and 3 GK) were implemented in this study by using MATLAB. A series of numerical simulation tests has been carried out to compare and characterize them in terms of projection accuracy, difference of projected coordinates and distortion. Furthermore, a comparison between GS and GK function was made under the Korean gridding system, consisting of four zones. Results from the numerical computations were qualitatively analyzed and summarized in this paper.
doi:10.7848/ksgpc.2013.31.2.121 fatcat:ap3a6sb5ybaxdgclnodnd5g4cy