SDTrimSP Version 6.00 [report]

A. Mutzke, R. Schneider, W. Eckstein, R. Dohmen, K. Schmid, U. Von Toussaint, G. Badelow
SDTrimSP version 6.00 simulates designed for atomic collisions in amorphous targets. It calculates ranges, reflection coefficients and sputtering yields as well as more detailed information like depth distributions of implanted and energy distributions of backscattered and sputtered atoms. The program is based on the binary collision approximation and uses the same physics as its predecessors TRIM.SP and TRIDYN, but the structure of the new program has been completely changed. It runs on all
more » ... uential and parallel platforms with a F90 compiler. Table lookup is applied for all available atomic data needed for input, and different integration schemes for several interaction potentials are provided. Several examples are given to show the wide range of possible applications.
doi:10.17617/2.3026474 fatcat:ghuit77ojzaozju4fxzgoodcq4