Study on the Content of Dietary Fiber in Barley Leaf Powder

Songling Cai
2018 Science Discovery  
Barley leaves are rich in dietary fiber, vitamins, proteins, minerals and other nutrients. They are the most popular functional foods in Hongkong, Japan, North America and Southeast Asia in recent years. The dietary fiber has become a hot subject for the research of the food industry with its physicochemical property and the prevention of high blood fat, diabetes, obesity and other physiological functions. Therefore, this paper aims to study the content of dietary fiber in barley leaf powder
more » ... rley leaf powder and determine the content of soluble dietary fiber and insoluble dietary fiber by enzymatic-gravimetric method using the total amount of Megazyme dietary fiber test kit. Samples of five kinds of common barley(Yannong No. 1, Subei 4, Subei 9, Siyin 3 and Dongxin 1) were prepared. The results were as follows: the content range of insoluble dietary fiber was 1.71%-6.69%, the content range of soluble dietary fiber was 0.60%-2.26%, and the range of RSD value was 0.62%-7.97%. These experimental data and testing methods can provide reference for the scholars who study the nutritional efficacy of barley leaf powder, and further promote the market development of this kind of products in China.
doi:10.11648/ fatcat:upskzs7w7re4ppnyiek2lub4pm