A Magyar Nemzeti Egyház Amerikában

Péter Miklós
2016 Belvedere Meridionale  
The relationship of the denominations and national identity is an interesting research problem both of the modern intellectual history and political history. The nationalisms which appeared in modernity were often containing sectarian and religious commitment -and even in some cases specifically theological too. The author briefly reviews the relations of the nationalities and denominations, as well as church and state in the three major trends in Christianity -Orthodoxy, Catholicism, and
more » ... holicism, and Protestantism -and those manifestations in many fields. Furthermore the paper describes the history of the Hungarian National Church in the USA (1913), which existed only for a year and was an attempt to make a Hungarian Catholic church community which is independent of Rome. The sources of the paper were contemporary press materials and manuscripts depository documents.
doi:10.14232/belv.2016.ksz.2 fatcat:vddrc3ijnnagloudtcd6ei7i4e