Photoproduction of vector mesons as virtual vector meson-proton scattering: Addendum

P. G. O. Freund
1967 Il Nuovo Cimento A  
in the s-channel: if a given Regge pole R is not coupled to the state 3T (or~ 2) for special values oT3T~ ~ (or T4T2 )o o of the transvcrsitics, then 7--~,--~,R~ " : 0 (or yR_~,_~,o o : 0). vi) Parity conservation implies that T~,} vanishes if (--1)~,+~-~-~,---=--~, where ~ is the product of the four intrinsic parities. Then the phase in eq. (3) is either • or -4-1 simultaneously in all nonvanishing amplitudes. In partieular, all these amplitudes, in the fo~Tcard direction, have the same phase,
more » ... ave the same phase, up to a sign, independent of the couplings. (Nuovo Cimento, 48A, 541 (1967)) The Compton scattering cross-section using our result (9) now becomes (12) 2 da="s~ 4 da~je 1 da,~ dt +X~) -dt X~ dt 9.10 ~ dt ' because X~ and X~ are << X~. This is in agreement; with our earlier result, P. G. 0. FgEUND: NUOVO Cimento, 44A, 411 (1966), eq. (3.8) (as it appears in this reference eq. (3.8) contains a misprint: the factor (X~ § X~ § should read (X~ § X~) § X~)2). For total cross-sections the equivalent of eq. (12) is 1 2 (rtotvp ~ Xpatot=Je ~-~-~ ato~=~v ~ 70 ~b.
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