Compressive sensing Petrov-Galerkin approximation of high-dimensional parametric operator equations

Holger Rauhut, Christoph Schwab
2016 Mathematics of Computation  
We analyze the convergence of compressive sensing based sampling techniques for the efficient evaluation of functionals of solutions for a class of high-dimensional, affine-parametric, linear operator equations which depend on possibly infinitely many parameters. The proposed algorithms are based on so-called "non-intrusive" sampling of the high-dimensional parameter space, reminiscent of Monte-Carlo sampling. In contrast to Monte-Carlo, however, the parametric solution is then computed via
more » ... ressive sensing methods from samples of (a functional of) the solution. A key ingredient in our analysis of independent interest consists in a generalization of recent results on the approximate sparsity of generalized polynomial chaos representations (gpc) of the parametric solution families, in terms of the gpc series with respect to tensorized Chebyshev polynomials. In particular, we establish sufficient conditions on the parametric inputs to the parametric operator equation such that the Chebyshev coefficients of gpc expansion are contained in certain weighted p-spaces for 0 < p ≤ 1. Based on this we show that reconstructions of the parametric solutions computed from the sampled problems converge, with high probability, at the L 2 , resp. L∞ convergence rates afforded by best s-term approximations of the parametric solution up to logarithmic factors.
doi:10.1090/mcom/3113 fatcat:ssuu6iyc3bdtngp6hgk4xajc5i