Rajni Bhardwaj, Smita Johar, Amit Kapila, Amandeep Sharma
2021 International Journal of Pharmaceutical and Biological Science Archive  
Swarnamakshika is grouped under Updhatu of Swarna and is composed of Copper, Iron and Sulphur. In this study Swarnamakshika was subjected to Shodhana by Bharjana with Nimbuka swarasa and Shudha Swarnamakshika was given Bhavana with Nimbuka swarasa and subjected to Varahaputa. With ten Varahaputa Bhasma Siddhi Lakshanas were attained swarnamakshika Marana was done by using Nimbuka swarasa until bhasma siddi lakshanas found and it took 10 puta till it attained reddish brown color. The X-ray
more » ... or. The X-ray diffraction analysis showed that d-identified peaks after 10th puta Swarnamakshika bhasma composition is of Iron oxide with rhombohedral crystal system as main component. EDX analysis of Swarna makshika bhasma shows that it contains Iron and Oxygen, as major element and Copper, Sulphur, Carbon, Aluminium, Calcium etc. as minor elements. FESEM study revealed that the particle size of Ashudha and Shudha Swarnamakshika was in the range of 500 nm-3nm. Keywords: Swarnamakshika Bhasma, Nimbuka swarasa, puta
doi:10.32553/ijpba.v9i1.172 fatcat:y7xbnasktnejlp4x4xdffk3x7i