A Novel Channel Coding for Progressive Transmission of Medical Images [article]

P. Jagatheeswari, M. Rajaram
2009 arXiv   pre-print
A novel channel coding scheme for progressive transmission of large images is proposed. The transmission time, low distortion reconstructed image and low complexity are most concerned in this paper. In the case of medical data transmission, it is vital to keep the distortion level under control as in most of the cases certain clinically important regions have to be transmitted without any visible error. The proposed system significantly reduces the transmission time and error. The progressive
more » ... ansmission is based on the process that the input image is decomposed into many subblocks each to be coded, compressed, and transmitted individually. Therefore, firstly the image is segmented into a number of subblocks and then the discrete wavelet transform decomposes each subblock into different time-frequency components. Finally the components are coded for error control and transmitted. The complete system is coded in VHDL. In the proposed system, we choose a 3-level Haar wavelet transform to perform the wavelet transform for each subblock. It is simple, faster and easier to implement when compared with other transform method. The channel coding used here is Hamming code which is a simpler and efficient forward error control code.
arXiv:0912.3964v1 fatcat:dsek5zbvjvfkln6i66fivgk3rm