Post-rational eco-communicological aporias, pre-rational eco-communicological euporias: the "magical worldview" and restoring a meaningful man-nature dialogue

France, France Bennett, Institute For Comparative Cultural Research-Study Of Religions And Anthropology
This essay argues that contemporary Global Society's biggest 'communication challenge' is to find ways to interface and dialogue meaningfully with its more-than-human Umwelt. It shows that communication strategies premised by the tenets of 'constructivism' and 'realism' do not work. Neither do 'consiliant' syntheses of these two approaches. Instead, it suggests that a better solution lies in emulating the communication strategies associated with the 'magical worldview'. Specifically, it focuses
more » ... on (1) why magical rationalism assumed that Nature had a voice and a language (2) how the intelligence related by this language was made a foundation and an operational component of societal values and practices and, finally, (3) why there is nothing far-fetched about embracing this rationalism, factoring it into our ideas about 'progress' and operationalising it as a means to negotiate an entente cordiale between Nature and Global Society. This paper is one of a collection that originated in the IAHR Special Conference "Religions, Science and Technology in Cultural Contexts: Dynamics of Change", held at The Norwegian University of Science and Technology on March 1–2, 2012. For an overall introduction see the article by Ulrika Mårtensson, also published here.
doi:10.17192/mjr.2020.22.8296 fatcat:gyvrtkx2fjaizkc77bxa5p2koq