Spin exciton in a quantum dot with spin-orbit coupling at high magnetic field

P. Lucignano, B. Jouault, A. Tagliacozzo
2004 Physical Review B  
Coulomb interactions of few ( N ) electrons confined in a disk shaped quantum dot, with a large magnetic field B=B^* applied in the z-direction (orthogonal to the dot), produce a fully spin polarized ground state. We numerically study the splitting of the levels corresponding to the multiplet of total spin S=N/2 (each labeled by a different total angular momentum J_z ) in presence of an electric field parallel to B , coupled to S by a Rashba term. We find that the first excited state is a spin
more » ... xciton with a reversed spin at the origin. This is reminiscent of the Quantum Hall Ferromagnet at filling one which has the skyrmion-like state as its first excited state. The spin exciton level can be tuned with the electric field and infrared radiation can provide energy and angular momentum to excite it.
doi:10.1103/physrevb.69.045314 fatcat:v6gyewjp35etzpqi2inotherni