LEACH: Energy Efficient Routing Protocol for WSNs along with its Enhancements

Ms. Neha Bhadu, Dr. Uma Kumari
2016 International Journal of Engineering Research and  
Wireless Sensor networks are a standout in the midst of the many recent and rousing research disciplines of our time. They comprise impending to be employed for a variety of mission-critical applications. The biggest and most imperative challenge that wireless sensor network is facing these days is energy. There are numerous constraints in the minute sensor nodes like limited memory, power, bandwidth and processing capability. Since the nodes are deployed in an unattended area it makes the
more » ... a it makes the energy requirements of these nodes a big concern. Lot of investigation is done in command to formulate proficient routing algorithms which make nominal use of energy giving energy efficient routing protocols for WSNs. This paper gives a concise introduction to wireless sensor networks and its routing schemes classified on the root of network structure. The key focus of this study is on LEACH which is a cluster based routing protocol for sensor networks and several modifications made to LEACH resulting in Modified LEACH (MODLEACH) that boasts the performance even more. MODLEACH is further enhanced to improve energy efficiency for routing protocols in WSNs resulting in EMODLEACH. Finally a comparison is carried out among the different variants of LEACH routing protocol taking several metrics like network lifetime, throughput and cluster head replacements under consideration.
doi:10.17577/ijertv5is110262 fatcat:2gsvmbtydjbbjp54ae4tko4swe