Furin-Mediated Sequential Delivery of Anticancer Cytokine and Small-Molecule Drug Shuttled by Graphene

Ran Mo, Saad A. Khan, Zhen Gu, Nancy A. Burns, Tianyue Jiang, Wujin Sun, Qiuwen Zhu
A cellular protease (furin)-mediated graphene-based nanosystem is developed for co-delivery of a membrane-associated cytokine (tumor-necrosis-factor-related apoptosis-inducing ligand, TRAIL) and an intracellular-acting small-molecule drug (Doxorubicin, DOX). TRAIL and DOX can be sequentially released toward the plasma membrane and nucleus, respectively.
doi:10.17615/y2bs-b968 fatcat:i4tkap7uarbsvbe3n7o4epa4fi