Copper, zinc, and iron in normal and leukemic lymphocytes from children

U Carpentieri, J Myers, L Thorpe, C W Daeschner, M E Haggard
1986 Cancer Research  
Copper, zinc, and iron were quantitated in the serum and lymphoid cells of the peripheral blood of healthy children and children with acute lymphocytic leukemia. Copper and iron concentrations in serum and cells were significantly higher and zinc concentration in the cells significantly lower in leukemic patients than in healthy donors, whereas the increase of zinc in the serum was not significant. The concentration of all minerals was higher in T-cell enriched preparations. There was a
more » ... ant correlation between copper and iron and between copper and zinc, but not between iron and zinc in normal and leukemic lymphocytes. No correlation was demonstrated among the three minerals in the serum. There were no significant differences associated with ethnicity, age, sex, type of leukemia, or number of leukemic cells. However, a group of five children with non-B-, non-T-cell acute lymphocytic leukemia, nonreactive skin tests, and low serum immunoglobulins had high concentrations of copper and iron and low concentration of zinc in their leukemic cells. Since copper, zinc, and iron are associated with lymphocyte maturation and regulation of immune function, these new data will provide a tool for the study of the relationship between changes in concentrations of these metals and the modification of the immune response often present in hematologic cancers.
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