Behavior architecture controller for an autonomous robot navigation in an unknown environment to perform a given task

Xavier A Jasmine, Selvakumari R Shantha
2015 International Journal of Physical Sciences  
The aim of this paper is to carry out navigation task in an unknown environment with high density obstacles using an autonomous mobile robot. Fuzzy logic approach is used for the robot planning because the output varies smoothly as the input changes. If the navigation environment contains one or more obstacles the robot must be able to avoid collisions. The robot uses the obstacle avoidance controller in order to reach the final destination safely without collision with these objects. The robot
more » ... moves toward the goal and when an obstacle is detected in one of the three sides (front, left, right) the obstacle avoidance behavior is activated to generate the appropriate actions for avoiding these collisions.
doi:10.5897/ijps2014.4242 fatcat:6foerha2u5hbno6jgrf6uipcby