Poznanie geometryczne z kognitywnego punktu widzenia

Jerzy Pogonowski
2021 Zagadnienia Filozoficzne w Nauce  
This review discusses the content of Mateusz Hohol's new book Foundations of Geometric Cognition. Mathematical cognition has until now focused mainly on human numerical abilities. Hohol's work tackles geometric cognition, an issue that has not been described in previous investigations into mathematical cognition. The main strength of the book lies in its critical analysis of a huge amount of results from empirical experiments. The author formulates his theoretical proposals very carefully,
more » ... ing radical and one-sided solutions. He claims that human geometric cognition is based mainly on two core systems, both being phylogenetically hardwired, namely the system of layout geometry and the system of object geometry. The interaction of these systems becomes amplified in the individual development of the mind, which, in turn, is supported by the use of language. The second part of the review contains the reviewer's remarks concerning the history of geometry, experiments related to spatial representations, and the role of geometry in mathematical education.
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