Transport- und Assemblierungsverhalten der Rieske Fe/S-Proteine in Chloroplasten und Mitochondrien [article]

Jana Kungel, Karin Krupinska, Kristina Kühn, Ralf Bernd Klösgen, Martin-Luther Universität, Universitäts- Und Landesbibliothek Sachsen-Anhalt
Rieske iron-sulfur proteins can be found in chloroplasts as well as mitochondria of higher plants. In the organelles, they have essentially the same highly conserved function in the photosynthetic and respiratory electron transport chains, respectively. Even their transport and the topology of the Rieske proteins within the membranes are similar. Therefore, it was one aim of this study to compare them and analyse whether they can also functionally replace each other. A further aim of this study
more » ... r aim of this study war to analyse the transport pathway of the plant mitochondrial Rieske iron-sulfur protein into the inner mitochondrial membrane. The chloroplast Rieske iron-sulfur protein is transported via the Tat-pathway, which is characterized by its property to transport fully folded proteins across the thylakoid membrane. In plant mitochondria a similar Tat pathway has recently been proposed. Also, the chloroplast Rieske protein was used to further analyze the transport mechanism intp the thylakoid, the so-called lateral release of proteins into a membrane.
doi:10.25673/36120 fatcat:bme2tbmbcffvngpczwlgiuti4m