Does Land Endowment Impact Parental Educational Expectations? Evidence from Rural China

Mengling Zhang, Zhaojiu Chen, Feng Wu
2021 unpublished
Parental educational investments have an important effect on children's human capital accumulation. Using the data of the joint household survey between the College of Modern Agriculture of Peking University and the Institute of Rural Revitalization Strategy of Jiangxi Province, this article studies the impact and mechanism of land endowment on rural family educational expectations for children. The findings are follows: (i) land endowment can encourage parents to raise their educational
more » ... ents for children; (ii) land endowment influence rural family investments for children mainly through the income effect and insurance effect; (iii) land endowment do not affect the parents with agricultural hukou for their children's education investments, but the parents who non-agricultural will raise the educational expectations for their children. (iv) only when the household land size is higher than the threshold of 2.85 mu can land endowment and educational investment be effectively allocated and raise rural household income. Therefore, we believe that the improvement and implementation of the land circulation system and the encouragement of farmers to carry out moderate management scale are of great significance for further promoting the level of human capital and long-term economic growth, especially for developing countries.
doi:10.22004/ag.econ.312641 fatcat:l5r6h5hb2fafbfj5u3inavorxi