Multiple herbicide resistance in little seed canarygrass (Phalaris minor)

R Chhokar, Rk N Sharma, S Forouzesh, F Zillinsky
2008 Advances in Agronomy   unpublished
* In each column, the means holding at least one similar letter, are not significantly different from each other (P= 0.05). Visual score on crop: Based on EWRC, 1-9, 1= no phytotoxicity, 9= death of plant. WAHA= Week After Herbicide Application. ‫منابع‬ ‫فهرست‬ Reference Beckie H.J. 2006. Herbicide resistant weeds: Management tactics and practices. Weed Technology 20, 793-814. Belles D.S., Thill D.C. and Shafi B. 2000. PP-604 rate and Avena fatua density effects on seed production and viability
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