An Empirical Study of Big Data Analytics in Rural Arena

2019 International Journal of Social Sciences & Educational Studies  
Innovations in ICT sector facilitate qualitative life style for citizens in the globe. Countries that facilitate usage of new techniques in ICT, i.e. Big data analytics, find it easier to fulfil the needs of their citizens. Big data is characterized by its volume, variety, and speed. Analytics involves its processing in a cost effective way in order to draw conclusion for their useful application. Big data also involves the field of machine learning, artificial intelligence leading to accuracy
more » ... n data presentation useful for public policy making. Hence using data analytics in public policy-making is a proper way to march towards all round development of any country. The data-driven insights can help the government to take important strategic decisions with regard to socio-economic development of country. Developed nations like the UK and the USA are already far ahead on the path of digitization with the support of Big Data analytics. India is a huge country and it is currently on the path of massive digitization being realised through Digital India Mission. Internet connection per household is on the rise every year. This transforms into a massive data set that has the potential to improvise the public services delivery system into an effective service mechanism for Indian citizens. In fact, when compared to developed nations, this capacity is being underutilized in India. This is particularly true for administrative system in rural areas. The present paper focuses on the need of the adaptation for Big data analytics in Indian rural administration and its contribution towards development of the country on a faster pace. Results of the research focused on the need for increasing awareness and serious capacity building of the government personnel working for rural development with regard to Big data analytics and its utility for development of the country. Multiple public policies are framed and implemented for rural development yet, the results are not as effective as they should be. Big data has a major role to play in this context as it can assist in improving both policymaking and implementation, which aims at all round development of the country.
doi:10.23918/ijsses.v5i3p192 fatcat:rupbhk6agzcyxivo4ldlmzgyna