(Data-Driven) Reinforcement learning based optimal decision making towards product lifecycle sustainability

Yang Liu, Miying Yang, Zhengang Guo
2022 International journal of computer integrated manufacturing (Print)  
Artificial intelligence (AI) has been widely used in robotics, automation, finance, healthcare, etc. However, using AI for decision-making in sustainable product lifecycle operations is still challenging. One major challenge relates to the scarcity and uncertainties of data across the product lifecycle. This paper aims to develop a method that can adopt the most suitable AI techniques to support decision-making for sustainable operations based on the available lifecycle data. It identifies the
more » ... ey lifecycle stages in which AI, especially reinforcement learning (RL), can support decision-making. Then, a generalised procedure of using RL for decision support is proposed based on available lifecycle data, such as operation and maintenance data. The method has been validated in a case study of an international vehicle manufacturer, combined with modelling and simulation. The case study demonstrates the effectiveness of the method and identifies that RL is the current most appropriate method for maintenance scheduling based on limited available lifecycle data. This paper contributes to knowledge by demonstrating an empirically grounded industrial case using RL to optimise decision-making for improved product lifecycle sustainability by effectively prolonging the product lifetime and reducing environmental impact.
doi:10.1080/0951192x.2022.2025623 fatcat:y5xk3wffujekrp6n7c22k4ifdi