An Efficient and Novel Key Establishment Scheme for Internet Enabled Wireless Sensor Network in the Context of IOT

Karthikeyan. M, J.Selvakumar J.Selvakumar, Amal Twinkle Mathew
2015 International Journal of Computer Applications  
Wireless sensor networks (WSN) behave as a digital skin, providing a virtual layer where the information about the physical world can be accessed by any computational system. As a result, they are an invaluable resource for realizing the vision of the Internet of Things (IoT). Many applications of sensor networks require secure communication. Thus establishing a secure channel between any two sensor-nodes in WSNs/IESNs is important for many applications, such as secure data exchange, secure
more » ... aggregation, and secure routing. In this paper, first we show why existing three party key establishment schemes cannot be easily applied to IESN. Second we propose an extension of traditional three-party key establishment schemes (such as SNEP, BBF and OR). The method provides DoS and Sybil attack resistance and benefits from low communication cost, independence of prior sensor deployment knowledge and support for node mobility. In comparison to the previous well-known three-party schemes, our extension not only fixes DoS vulnerability, but also provides some other advantages such as significant efficiency. The proposed key establishment scheme can be used not only for establishing shared key between any two sensors, but it is applicable for establishing shared secret between any two entities/ things in the context of IoT. Keywords Internet of Things (IoT), Wireless sensor network (WSN), Key establishment , Internet Protocol for Smart Objects. There are some security challenges in IESN or internet enabled wireless sensor network. They are node mobility, authentication process between nodes, resilience, Bit/signal transmission distance, Key connectivity, energy efficiency, bandwidth and Scalability. To overcome these security challenges proposing a new key establishment scheme in order to obtain the secure communication in internet enables wireless sensor network. In addition to these the proposed methodology detects the attacks such as Sybil and Dos attack for identifying the compromised node.
doi:10.5120/20057-2038 fatcat:iwapai3f7jgcrhocg5km77oxmi