Assessment of hearing loss as a potential complication of diabetes mellitus

Hardik Darad
Indian Journal of Anatomy and Surgery of Head, Neck and Brain   unpublished
High blood glucose levels are found to damage the vessels found in stria vascularis and adjacent nerves, this results into diminished ability to hear. To support this result, insufficient evidence of a significant relationship between diabetes and hearing impairment is there. Therefore, we aimed to assess hearing impairment in diabetic mellitus individuals as one of the potential complications. Material & Methods: The study involved 150 type 2 Diabetes Mellitus patients. Diabetes Mellitus type
more » ... etes Mellitus type 2 subjects 65-89 years of age, meeting the inclusion/exclusion criteria were included in the present study. The individuals with the diabetes had been followed up for 10 years. Results: 89 patients of total 150 patients had duration of diabetes for more than 10 years. Among them mild hearing loss was found in 37 patients. Out of total 150 patients 61 patients in whom the duration of diabetes was less than 10 years, we could not find any detectable hearing loss. Duration of Diabetes mellitus and sensorineural hearing loss at 2000Hz, 4000Hz showed statistically significant correlation (Pearson coefficient r= 0.981 and r = 0.90 respectively) at 0.03 level. Discussion & Conclusion: on the basis of results we came to conclusion that progressive bilateral high frequency sensorineural hearing loss can be considered as one of complication of type 2 DM. Periodical assessment of various organs of the body, including the hearing system, should be carried out carefully and regularly, so as to provide better life condition for the diabetic patients in the future.