Cortisol and lactate levels in Atlantic salmon Salmo salar developing infectious anaemia (ISA)

YA Olsen, K Falk, OB Reite
1992 Diseases of Aquatic Organisms  
Atlantic salmon Salmo salar presmolts were intrapentoneally injected with a n organ homogenate from individuals of the same species suffering from a n acute outbreak of infectious salmon anaemia (ISA). Mortality started in the infected group 18 d after inlection. Blood samples from the diseased group showed that these fish had elevated plasma cortisol levels compared w t h control fish. The cortisol level was correlated to the seventy of the anaemia condition, as represented by haematocrit
more » ... s. Plasma lactate levels were also elevated in diseased flsh, but there was a greater variability in the level of this parameter.
doi:10.3354/dao014099 fatcat:cgeshavogrc2zeyl4iqf7b7jgy