The Membrane Receptor Complex Regulating Induction and Clonal Expansion of Normal Murine B Lymphocytes

S. Forsgren, B. Kleine, G. Pobor, C. Martinez-A., L. Forni, A. Coutinho
1984 Clinical Infectious Diseases  
Induction of resting B lymphocytes results from the interaction of competent ligands or helper cells with "triggering receptors." Subsequent clonal expansion and performance are thought to be regulated by the interaction of selective growth or maturation factors with specific receptors on induced B cells. A set of membrane molecules of B lymphocytes, including IgM, IgD, lA, IE, lipopolysaccharide receptors, receptors for Fe and C3b, and other non-immunoglobulin structures recognized by some
more » ... ognized by some antiidiotypic antibodies, display ligand-induced relationships. Functional studies also indicate that this group of molecules functions as a complex that regulates delivery of inductive signals, the expression of growth and maturation receptors, and/or the outcome of the interactions of these receptors with the corresponding factors.
doi:10.1093/clinids/6.4.524 fatcat:msdridymmzdk3o42p2qvcp7imy